schadenfreude flyer
2004: Schadenfreude
Taboo flyer
2005: Taboo
MMM flyer
2005: Monday Midnight Madness

Zucchabar flyer
2005: Zucchabar
Cryptkicker flyer
2005: Cryptkicker
Corrosion at Zucchabar
2006: Corrosion at Zucchabar

Corrosion Zombie flyer
2006: Rob Zombie party
Corrosion Adam Mohawk flyer
2006: Mohawk Adam guest dj
Aug 06 Corrosion
2006: August at Corrosion

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In addition to running Corrosion and doing guest appearances at other events, smytii and team also create all of their own promotion materials. Clicking the images above will take you to the setlists for that event.

Most artwork © INMAN08-2012.

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