With smytii and Solaries - Washington, DC

January 29, 2006



(r) = request
listing is Artist/Track

Lords Of The New Church - Dance With Me
Damned - Alone Again Or
PIL - Don't Ask Me
Van Halen - Jamie's Crying ..r..
Tuscadero - Queen For A Day
Urge Overkill - Sister Havana
Anti-Flag - Watch The Right
Rob Zombie - Superbeast
Eisbrecher - Wilkommen Im Nichts
Static X - Burning Inside
Obszon Geschof - Living Dead
NIN - Kinda I Want To
Die Warzau - All Good Girls
Pailhead - Man Should Surrender ..r..

Faith No More - Epic
Garbage - Stupid Girl
Sisters Of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection ..r..
The Cure - Lullaby
Gerard McCann - Cry Little Sister ..r..
Marilyn Manson - Little Bitch
Juno Reactor - God Is God
Snog - Hey Christian God
Depeche Mode - John the Revelator

Dead Can Dance - Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove ..r..
Interpol - Evil ..r..
Front 242 - Don't Krash
Hole - Asking For It ..r..
Girls Against Boys - She's Lost Control ..r..
Tones On Tail - Go ..r..
Depeche Mode - Get The Balance Right
The Clash - Wrong Em Boyo
Bomb - Personal Jesus ..r..
Shriekback - Nemesis
Madness - Wings Of A Dove
Interferon - Get Out Of London
Sexbeat - Sexbeat
Thompson Twins - Lies
Joy Division - Disorder ..r..
ELO - Do Ya ..r..
Beborn Beton - Another World

Rob Zombie - Dragula ..r..
KMFDM - Meglomaniac
Spahn Ranch - Heretic's Fork