Club Orpheus, Baltimore, MD

July 21, 2007



(r) = request
listing is Artist/Track

Set One:
A + D – Love Will Tear You Apart
Pizzicato Five – Bossa Nova –r-
King Missile – Detachable Penis
Secret Machines – Lightning Blue Eyes
Dharmata101 – Jihad
Dead Can Dance – Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
Opposite Sex – Dollhouse
The Normal – Warm Leatherette
Melt Banana – Mind Thief –r-
Ex-Girl – Dodo –r-
GHP – Hung Phantom

Set Two:
The Faint – Agenda Suicide
Let Tigre – Deceptacon –r-
Freezepop – Super Sprode
Prodigy – Hot Ride
Lords of Acid – Gimme Gimme
LaTour – People Are Still Having Sex
Skinny Puppy – Pro Test

Set Three:
Time Zone – World Destruction –r-
Rammstein – Du Riechst So Gut –r-
Vapors – Turning Japanese
Peter Schilling – Major Tom –r-
Cult – Wild Flower
Rancid – Time Bomb