N E W__T W I N__T O W E R S__F O R__ A__N E W__A M E R I C A

“People understand that it was America that was attacked on 9/11...and America must finally come together to rebuild.”

(From "Group calls for Washington to Take Control of Ground Zero", read the press release now!)


Read what people from all over the world have said about rebuilding the Twin Towers here. Join them today!


Please take a moment to watch these wonderful videos from around the world:

Alex Slingsby's YouTube "Twin Towers-A Building Tribute 2009" video

WillJustice89's YouTube video discussing the Twin Towers

AnthonyJGray's "Rebuild the World Trade Center" YouTube video on the Twin Towers

and the YouTube Tribute to the Twin Towers is a reminder that nothing could
ever take their place, except for better versions of themselves.

Click on the image below to hear a special one-on-one interview with Mr. Ken Gardner, structural engineer for the Twin Towers II Phoenix project (file will take about 20 seconds to load, please be patient...)

As a new showcase at www.TwinTowersII.com makes clear, this is not an effort to rebuild forty-year-old buildings. It is an elegant, once-in-a-lifetime chance to revive a great city and nation by putting the people back in charge of their destiny. (Excerpted from 8/12/09 press release)

Read the rest of this August 12, 2009 press release here.

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